Bablu or pappu ka sanwaad..

Posted on: May 19, 2009

There is a classroom of some small children (5-7yrs), with a genius boy (Bablu) and a smart one (Pappu). The dialogue between the two and the teacher goes something like this:

Bablu: “Teacher, teacher! Is Bus male or female?

Teacher: Thinking…. …

Pappu: “Teacher, teacher! It is female”


Bablu: “Kyon?”

Pappu: “Kyon ki sab log uspe chadte hain.”

Teacher is pareshan. While Bablu gets in doubt.

Bablu: “Agar bus female hai aur sab uspe chadte hain to uske bacche kyon nahin hote?”

Teacher is more pareshan.

Pappu: “Kyon ki sab us par peeche se chadte hain.”

Teacher is now hiding her face. Bablu gets into another doubt.

Bablu: “Maana sabhi peeche se chadte hain, but driver aur conductor to aagay se chadte hain. Phir bachche kyon nahin hote?”

Pappu replies: “Kyon ki woh dono topi pehanke chadte hain.”

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